Your vehicle is more than just a possession; it is an investment, an asset and a lifestyle choice. Prolong its looks and maximise its value with Vanquish advanced body and fabric protection treatments

Do you want to prolong the life and looks of your car?

Vanquish provides a wide range of technical car cleaning and valeting systems, designed to restore your vehicle to pristine condition; and keep it that way. From a simple wash and polish right up to our guaranteed nano-sealing and coating, our range of treatments are designed to deliver cost effective ways to enhance the life and looks of your investment.
Using advanced techniques and materials available only to specialist organisations such as Vanquish, the internal and external condition of your motor vehicle can be rejuvenated to its former glory, saving you a significant amount of time, effort and money and preventing the requirement for costly paint resprays or reupholstery.
Most of us are able to clean a car to a reasonable standard. At Vanquish, we try to provide you with something different. Using a combination of our custom equipped premises, our technical knowledge and some of the most advanced car cleaning products available to the trade today, Vanquish can deliver a finish that exceeds your expectations.
Our custom equipped premises and training facilities are located in the town of Füssen in South Germany and can be easily accessed from all main routes in and around the area. Get directions from our ‘Where we are’ page. In addition, Vanquish provides a license network that covers the whole of Germany and Austria. To find out more about licensing the Vanquish system or to find out if there is a Vanquish service in your area, get in touch with us by clicking here and dropping us a note of your details.
Over the winter months, our cars have been subjected to continual abuse from severe cold, rain, snow and salt spray. As the better weather is now upon us, Vanquish can repair the effects of the harsh winter months by clearing away the salt from the body and underside of your car, cleaning your upholstery to remove water stains and refreshes your paintwork with our specialist treatments and polishes. Our special ‘spring clean offer’ is only for a limited number of cars and runs during the months of March and April, providing you with significant savings from our usual tariffs. Get in touch now to find out more.

What our customers say

"The car looks better than the day I picked it up from the showroom"
Herr Schmidt; Füssen

"Truly amazing"
Susane Scholz; Obersdorf

"I wasn't expecting it to be so good for the price. Fantastic value."
Hans Fischer; Marktoberdorf

"I didn't know my car was that colour!"
Karl-Heinz Kaiser; Pfronton

"Saved me a fortune when I returned my leased car"
Dr Jan Holz; Füssen

"I thought that the only option I had was a full respray. I'm amazed at the quality of finish that Vanquish provided and at a fraction of the cost I expected to pay."
Walther Geiger; Wertach


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